Ways To Improve Customer Experience On Your Smartphone

Smartphones are taking over, affecting nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. According to the Pew Internet Project’s research on mobile technology, 90 percent of American adults owned a cell phone at the start of 2014 and well over half of them were using a smartphone in particular. These numbers got even higher for younger adults with higher levels of education.

But you don’t have to read the statistics to feel the impact of smartphones with simple observation. Strangers are texting in public places, colleagues are checking Facebook during lunch breaks, and professionals are now sharing content accessed through their smartphones for meetings and presentations.

Ease of access, popularity, and convenience has made integrating the smartphone into the business world a thing of common sense. Smartphones can help you network more effectively, create collaborative environments for better brainstorming, and track your calendar of events so you don’t drop the ball on anything. The new Google Nexus 6 smartphone from T-mobile is especially business friendly since it is large enough to be able to view documents with ease, such as spreadsheets and Word docs. Not to mention the plethora of free business apps available in the Android Play store. Your smartphone can also help build a stronger company by improving customer experience.

Instant Accessibility

The days of phone tag and missed emails are almost gone. Today’s business professional is available nearly anywhere at any time. With emails, texts, and calls easily accessed through a smartphone, instant contact is a true reality.

While this can seem invasive, most professionals find ways to balance the interruptions and keep them from intruding on sacred ground in their personal lives. If you don’t believe this, consider all the spoofs and comedy focused on some professional not being able to get away from their work or put down their phone. It’s common knowledge that no one is actually available at any time, but access through a smartphone allows you to see things immediately and decide how (and when) to respond.

Responding quickly to questions from customers on your smartphone reinforces warm, fuzzy feelings of value and trust. Though you might not be available for everything, having the option of availability is key to improving your capability to better serve your customers.

Applications for Faster Conversion


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Consider what apps can now do for your customer conversion funnel. With the touch of a single button, your customers could contact your company, request a product or service, and pay securely. Developing an app for your business is a great way for a company to improve the customer’s experience and streamline many new leads to new acquisitions.

Staying at the Forefront of the Customer’s Mind

Smartphones allow your audience access to your company at any moment, enabling your company to remain at the consumer’s fingertips. But this also means that your company has to be available on whatever platform the customer is searching for you on. Are you Tweeting promo codes? Do you have a developed app that streamlines sales with convenient features and simple navigation? Is your website featuring dynamic design to adapt its formatting to mobile screens? Have you established a predictive response emailing campaign and segmented your emailing list for better communication and reduced spam?

Improving the customer experience will mean understanding what they want and adjusting your marketing efforts to fit. It is important to understand the etiquette and expectations of each platform your target audience uses regularly. It will take a serious commitment of time and money to take full advantage of each marketing opportunity on the platforms you use. It is important, however, not to establish half-baked profiles and a neglected virtual presence, which will be more harmful to your brand image than helpful.

Local Relevance


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One way to improve the customer experience through smartphone capabilities is to enable GPS-based marketing opportunities. Companies are now able to Tweet or alert you through their apps, based on your location. Some companies instantly adjust their services or nearby locations based on where you are when you open their app or website. If you are offering a special deal, local ad, or location-based service, this can be very helpful to the customer.

Nearly every business can help its customers discover, track, and organize through smartphone technology and marketing. Taking full advantage of the user’s accessibility is vital for being a relevant brand in today’s business world.

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