How to Keep Your Construction Business Running Smoothly

In the construction business, it’s important that you wear many different hats as your project begins, progresses, and finishes on time for the required deadline. You must interact with the homeowner or job site manager, order materials, supervise your crew of tradesmen, and manage the finances so that you can honour all of your financial obligations. If you are a successful contractor, you know the importance of record-keeping and how documentation can prevent some stressful situations from overwhelming you and your crews. Let’s review some guidelines that you can follow to keep your construction business running smoothly on every project that you undertake.


  • The devil may be in the details but it’s imperative that your contract contain as many details as possible about the work that your company will do for your client. You should include a reasonable timeframe contingent upon the weather and elements that are beyond your control, a materials list that explains what will be used on the job, and how you expect to be paid during the project. Keep in mind that payments from your clients will impact your own cashflow so make sure that you include a payment schedule for the client to follow.

  • Provide detailed invoices that contain all of the pertinent information about how to make payments, when they are due, and the consequences of late or non-payment. When you know that a payment is coming up, be sure to submit the invoice to the client so that they will have time to pay you before you have to pay for materials or the crews working for your company. Should you expect any cashflow problems be sure to visit the website so that you can have a viable option ready to assist you with your own bills.

  • If you have done work for clients before you may want to extend to them offers for discounts or incentives if they pay their invoices early. This helps to establish a good working relationship with clients and can do a great deal to promote your company as they share this information with family and friends. Providing early payment deals can also help to alleviate any cashflow problems you might experience with late payments from the client for whom you are working.

  • Continually review the documentation during the project, the quote that you gave to your client, and the costs that you are incurring for the project. As you find areas for improvement make notes to yourself to implement changes for your invoicing, buying of materials, or paying of tradesmen so that your business will continue to run smoothly on upcoming projects.

Taking care of the finances of your construction company will be one of the most important jobs that you will have as a contractor. It’s crucial that you review your daily expenses, the amount of money that you anticipate as income, and balance the two so that you can honour your obligations in a timely manner.

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