5 Data Visualization Tools for Serious Professionals

Raw data are always boring and deciphering it in its original form is oftentimes a pain in the you-know-where. Add visualization to it and you get something that you (and anybody you want to show it to) can easily understand. Not only can you make sense of it quicker, but you’ll also streamline your working process – and that means all the good things in any business, doesn’t it?

Here are 5 samples of data visualization tools you can use depending on your specific, professional needs. See which one fits you:

For: Developers


D3.js, while may sound like a mouthful is short for ‘Data Driven Documents’. It is often the first thing in mind when we’re creating data visualization. It uses a combination of CSS, HTML, and SVG to render diagrams and charts. If you can imagine any type of visualization, you can do it with this tool. It is feature heavy, interactive and extremely mind-blowing. The best of all? It’s free and open-source.

Google Charts
For: Developers/Web owners


Google is everywhere. It seems like we can’t turn our heads and not see something that’s been touched by this global giant’s dominating hands. Google charts is a tool that renders charts in SVG/HTML to give cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform portability to Android and iPhone.

Reveal by Infotrack
For: Commercial lawyers, accountant/insolvency specialist/bankers

Reveal is a data insolvency visualization software that benefits any practitioner who wants to work efficiently and effectively. Say you’re an insolvency specialist, reveal can help you significantly reduce your hours spent on interpreting ASIC Company and Business Name searches, PPSR and Bankruptcy search data with accurate aggregated data. It even allows you to keep abreast of those distressed entities so that you’re ahead of the game and can provide first class guidance to your clients.

A commercial lawyer can also use it to check on acquisitions for clients with the ability to easily perform follow on searches instead of reviewing manual results. Using REVEAL visualization enables bankers to make decisions more clearly around business lending, insolvency or mergers and acquisitions deals.

For: Presenters

This nifty tool is an online chart builder that lets you create basic charts fast. However, it has a limited number of chart styles, but that won’t be an issue as major chart types are covered. This feature allows you to pull in data from different sources including databases and spreadsheets. After creating a chart, you can export it to PNG or SVG, embed it in an enabled website or even share it to social media.

For: Programmers

Dygraphs is an open-source JavaScript charting library used for handling big data/information. It’s a quick, customizable, and highly flexible. It works in major browsers. What’s good is that they have an active community.

This tool quickly defined a nice use-case and won’t probably answer all your needs. But it could work for you more often than not.

Data visualization is a huge space with lots of users. The tools above are just few of the available visualization software available at your disposal. Go experiment with them to find the best one that will suit your working condition.

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