4 Of The Best Career Options With An Art Degree

Do you feel discouraged about your career options? Feel that pursuing your dreams means making minimal money? Well, take heart, there is hope for you! Having a career in a field that is fulfilling and engaging can mean lifelong job happiness and can be fairly lucrative. A job in the arts is often considered an area that does not offer monetary rewards but that is incorrect! As long as you are willing to be more than simply a visual artist, you can earn plenty of money while pursuing your dreams. Included here are a few careers that offer decent salaries and contented employees.


Art Dealer

This is definitely a step back from the creating art field into the business side, but you will still have the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful art. As a dealer, you will have the opportunity to bring artists up and market their ability. You will also have a guaranteed income stream while you build your own portfolio and network with other artists.


Park West Gallery owner, Albert Scaglione, developed his wildly successful gallery through a passion for gifting art to other people. His excitement about giving authentic art to his parents developed into a highly lucrative career for him. He is able to deal in artwork from around the world and be immersed in creative culture.


Graphic Designer

For those digitally-inclined, pursuing a degree in the graphic arts could prove satisfying and monetarily valuable. Those in the graphic design industries often earn a median salary of $60,000 and only need a 2- or 4-year degree. Individuals in this field will spend their time designing marketing and print ads as well as working for newspapers, journals or general publications.


Interior Designer

While you may be more passionate about creating art with your hands, a career in interior design may prove just the niche for those visually inclined. Knowing how to meld patterns and color with space to create appealing atmospheres is exactly the know-how needed to be an interior designer. While you may have to do the more practical work of business designs or corporate structures, building a name for yourself is critical to success in the industry.


Video Game Designer

With today’s love of technology, it is no surprise that video games have become a huge recreational industry. Many teenage boys dream of becoming video game designers when they grow up and those with an aptitude for visual design and technology may be the ones to fill that need. Video game designers must have good communication skills and a genuine understanding of technical skills. With growth in this industry at a remarkable 14% and a median income of $71,000, it is safe to bet you would have a stable salary and job security.

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