3 Tips for Using Before and After Pictures As A Marketing Strategy

For the right industry and market, using before and after photos can be a great way to show your potential clients and customers just what they can expect from working with you. While this type of marketing strategy isn’t perfect for every business, it can work wonders for industries such as construction and infrastructure. However, there is a right and wrong way to conduct before and after photos. To help make sure you go about this process the right way, here are three tips for using before and after images effectively.

Set The Image Up Correctly

Images are all about aesthetics. If the image is of a fantastic final project but the aesthetics of the actual image are bad, it can be difficult for people to see past the negatives to the positives. For this reason, setting up your images correctly is vital.

For taking before and after images, Ryan Miller of etnainteractive.com recommends focusing on framing, background, and lighting. For framing, make sure the area of interest for your before and after images is right in the center of your photo. With background, it’s important that they don’t contain elements like other photos or items that may distract from your main image. And for lighting before and after pictures, shoot for having even light over the entire surface without any dark or obtrusive shadows.

Make Your Value Obvious To Build Trust

When deciding which projects to use for your before and after pictures, you want to be sure to pick ones where the changes are dramatic and inspiring in order to make the biggest impact on the viewer. KISSmetrics reminds marketers that people like to see a third opinion when looking to make a purchasing decision. This third opinion should build trust and validation, and this is exactly what before and after pictures are meant for. They prove your claims that you can actually do what you say you can do, creating a greater sense of trust from your customers and boosting all types of online metrics for your business.

Give A Few “Work In Progress” Images Too

While before and after pictures are great, sometimes “work in progress” photos can be just as strong, if not more so. This is especially true if your project consists of breathing new life into an area or cleaning up a mess. For processes like laying new tile, flooring or roofing, Melanie Lowe of Joist especially recommends using “work in progress” photos as a marketing strategy. Because images like this can often be very powerful by showing stark comparisons within one image as opposed to two, try using “work in progress” photos whenever you want to show a drastic change in a small area.

When done correctly and showcasing the right projects, before and after pictures can really boost your business’s credibility in a way that no other marketing strategy can. So if you work in an industry that lends itself to creating great before and after images, make it a point to document these projects as a way to bring in more future business.

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