3 Things Every Business Can Learn from the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is consistently noted as the fastest growing industry on the market. The demand for good healthcare services continues to rise while service providers are taking the necessary steps to keep up. The result is a sustainable growth at a relatively fast pace.

At the heart of that rapid growth is information technology. Healthcare information systems are helping service providers deliver the best treatments to patients – the customers – with the help of good IT infrastructure. Other businesses can learn these three important things from the healthcare industry.

The Right Tech for the Job

We’re used to looking for the latest and greatest solution when searching for the right IT solution to use, but the latest and greatest isn’t always the most effective. The approach that most healthcare providers take when it comes to information management is sticking with the most effective solution based on specific requirements.

With internal communications, for example, we still see hospitals and medical institutions relying on a pager service instead of the more modern data-based communications. This is because pagers are immensely reliable. The technology itself has been adjusted and updated to better suit the challenges of today, without sacrificing its ease of use, cost effectiveness, and reliability.

The same approach can be implemented in other businesses too. Instead of going for a corporate-level cloud solution, for instance, small businesses can benefit more from SaaS applications that better meet their needs and specific requirements.

Attention to Security

Since the beginning, the healthcare industry had HIPAA, an information security standard that covers every piece of patient information and healthcare data. The result is a robust set of security solutions that provide maximum protection. Even the switch to electronic medical records or EMRs was smooth thanks to a clear security standard.

Businesses are now storing over 80% of their operations digitally, yet only a small portion of companies on the market have proper security measures implemented across their operations. This raises a serious concern. Attention to information security is a necessity, especially with the increasing number of cyberattacks happening in recent years.

There are already a lot of security solutions ready to be implemented. Data encryption, advanced SSL security, and even access management and security policies are easy to integrate with the existing workflow of your business. All it takes is a small investment in getting the right security measures implemented.

Multiple Storage Options

The last thing businesses can really learn from the healthcare industry is the ability to recover from a catastrophic data loss rather quickly. Having multiple data storage options in place brings a lot of benefits, yet not all businesses are willing to invest in such a measure.

This is not a particularly complicated thing to do. Aside from the main data storage, you simply need to establish a backup storage in the cloud, and an offline backup for easier data recovery. With these two extra measures in place, recovering from even a total loss of data should be straightforward.

The healthcare industry may be leading the charge when it comes to information technology standards, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the market can’t do the same. These three best-practices can be easily integrated in any business’s existing workflow.

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