3 Reasons Why Improving Internal Communication Improves Customer Relationships

One of the most important yet easily overlooked aspects of running a successful business is internal communication. While communication with your customers and prospects is handled by specific groups like advertising, marketing, and public relations, there is often a gap when it comes to knowing who should handle internal communication, how it should be accomplished, and if it’s even worth bothering about.

However, creating sound practices for internal communication can have a massive impact on how your employees perform their duties, especially customer service or customer relations. So for those who haven’t yet seen the light when it comes to internal communications, here are three reasons to up your internal communication game and your customer satisfaction in return.

Instills an Attitude of Understanding

By showing your employees that internal communication is important to your business, you will create a workplace that functions off clear communication and understanding. Individuals and departments will be aware of what is going on throughout other areas of the business, increasing their ability to feel connected to other employees and empathize with them.

According to John Sylvester, contributor to HRZone.com, when you emphasize internal communication, employees will better know how to tailor their message for their specific audience, be it another employee or one of your customers. This understanding will increase the number of positive experiences your employees have communicating with others.

Creates Loyalty In Both Employees and Customers

If your employees feel out of the loop or kept in the dark by the company, it can be hard for them to feel dedicated to the work they are doing. Kevin Bassett, contributor for Entrepreneur.com, reminds business owners that if you can’t even get your employees behind your ideas and values, it’s going to make it that much harder to rally your customers. But by encouraging an atmosphere of effective internal communication, both your employees and, in return, your customers will feel that they are valued and trusted members of your team, giving them a greater sense of loyalty to your business.

Builds a Stronger Cohesion and Culture Around Your Brand

When every employee is being treated as an equal by being given clear and relevant information internally, John Ritchie, contributor to Business Matters, states that a sense of culture and empowerment is given to your employees, contributing to a larger feeling of cohesion for your company’s goals and brand message. This uniformity will be felt in all aspect of both internal and external communication, making your brand message something solid that employees can effectively share with customers. And once values are shared between groups or individuals, natural and open communication is bound to happen.

While you may not have realized it before, the type of communication that is passed on to your customers from your employees starts with you—with management. So to see greater improvement in your customers’ satisfaction with their relations to your employees, consider focusing more on the internal communication your employees are receiving from you.

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